{ alexa. nov 13. } bangtan and a lot of mess

140422 Namjoon’s Tweet


Its RapMon. How have you been doing ? Everyone including me, you and the people in Jindo are going through a tough time… While working in the studio regularly, I try to take in my surroundings with regards to the subjective. How about you ?

Its heartbreaking but let’s not be discouraged and buck up ~ Your hearts are precious after all !


live. <3 laugh <3 murder

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in korea they use sharpies to fill out exams instead of a #2 pencil damn *yongguk’s voice* only one shot only one shot you only have one chance u know?

g-yongguk whispered: stop tagging stuff with your life stories, no one cares.

this is why you’re never going to see B.A.P live

seosoyoung whispered: "dont tall to me about urls"

u made a typo u just embarassed yourself im posting this